Supply Our Schools

An SOS for Our Classrooms

The Supply Our School program seeks to support local teachers by providing them with the funds to create the best classroom environments.  Whether it's new books, number rugs, mobile technology, or basic school supplies, the Foundation is proud to assist teachers in cultivating today's learners and tomorrow's future leaders.

Teachers may request funds from the Stanton Community Foundation by filling out the grant request form below.  The filing dates are Feb. 27, 2017 thru March 24, 2017. Recipients will be notified on April 28, 2017.  Special presentation of recipients will be made in May.

Congratulations 2016 SOS Recipients

School Teacher Description
Bryant Kelly Yost Books, organizers
Bryant Nicole Madigan Alphabet stamps, PE equipment
Bryant Patricia Romero PE Equipment
Walter Kimberly Barone Books
Walter George Vedell Engineering kits
Walter Alma Salazar Weekly Reader Subscription
Walter Alma Guzman Scholastic News Magazine
Walter Melanie Henson Art Supplies
Hansen Lynne Shisbey Dry Erase Boards
Hansen Lindsey Wilcox Scholastic Books
Hansen Kasey Linden Brick Lab Kit
Lawrence Laine Vaughn Kinetic Sensory Sand
Lawrence Dung Pho Books
Lawrence Kathryn Percival Cutting machine
Lawrence Diane Hrstich Books
Pyles Stephanie Caldwall Traveling Field Trip
Twila Reid Rips, Huddy, Smith, Stinnett Reading Center Programs
Twila Reid Ms. Girgenti Audio Readers
Wakeham Ms. Fleagle Recorders
Wakeham Dancoise/Clayborn Batteries for IPads
Wakeham Dancoiise/Clayborn Readers/PE Equipment
Wakeham Charlotte Hutchinson Chapter Books


Vice Chair Elizabeth Ash presents an award to one of Stanton's local teachers who successfully applied for an SOS grant.