Supply Our Schools

An SOS for Our Classrooms

The Supply Our School program seeks to support local teachers by providing them with the funds to create the best classroom environments.  Whether it's new books, number rugs, mobile technology, or basic school supplies, the Foundation is proud to assist teachers in cultivating today's learners and tomorrow's future leaders.

Teachers may request funds from the Stanton Community Foundation by clicking the button below.  The filing dates are March 8, 2018 thru April 4, 2018. Recipients will be notified the week of April 16, 2018.  Special presentation of recipients will be made in May 2018.



Congratulations 2017 SOS Recipients

School Teacher # of Students
Bryant Sheila McHenry 25
Bryant Christine Morell 800
Bryant Patricia Romero 30
Bryant Kim Okuda 100
Bryant Susan Francis 25
Walter Mia Flotree 27
Walter Michelle Strickland 32
Walter Kimberly Barone 100
Walter Brittany Walters 26
Walter Melanie Hansen 100
Walter Alma Salazar 100
Walter Ruben Reyna 656
Walter Jill Lungren 14
Walter Alberta Preciado 26
Walter Yu Kim 100
Hansen Julie Martin 25
Hansen Peggy Chong 25
Hansen Kasey Linden 60
Hansen Jennifer Pescetti 100
Hansen Christian Rieger 70
Hansen Khara Schroeder 20
Hansen Andrea Wheeler 100
Lawrence Deborah Egan 28
Lawrence Laine Vaughn 9
Lawrence Jennifer Kim 25
Lawrence Kristin Lee 100
Lawrence Deanna Matos 11
Pyles Stephanie Caldwell 121
Pyles Kim Le 32
Pyles Terra O'Rouke 130
Pyles Gordon Richardson 121
Pyles Doreen Santin 26
Twila Reid Brandi Teutimez 25
St. Polycarp Truc Huynh 13


Vice Chair Elizabeth Ash presents an award to one of Stanton's local teachers who successfully applied for an SOS grant.